educational carrd on ableist terms / slurs !


the italicized text are examples of words to use an an alternative to these ableist terms. if there are none listed, the term or anything synonymous to it, should not be use.

  • autistic (as an insult)

  • bipolar (as an insult or describing word) indecisive

  • blind (as an insult or describing word) ignorant, unaware

  • crazy wild, absurd

  • psycho wild, absurd

  • mental wild, absurd

  • deaf not listening or paying attention

  • insane unbelieveable

  • lame boring

  • OCD (as an insult or describing word) picky, perfectionist

  • schizo/schizoid (as an adjective)

  • stupid silly, ridiculous

  • dumb silly, ridiculous

  • retarded silly, ridiculous

  • moron/moronic silly, ridiculous

  • tone deaf insensitive, ignorant

  • triggered (as a meme or a joke) offended, upset

  • traumatized (used in a joking or illegitimate manner) upset

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